Prismatic Abstract Geometric Background 4 No [email protected]@2X #444
 Dark  CC 0

Prismatic Abstract Geometric Background 4

Source GDJ

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Background pattern 308 (colour 2) #1871
 Green  CC 0

Design drawn in, vectorised using Vector Magic and finished in Inkscape.

Source Firkin

Iron Grip #587
 Dark  CC BY-SA 3.0

Sounds like something from World of Warcraft. Has to be good.

Source Tony Kinard

Finery #1370
 Wall  CC 0

Seamless , tileable CC-0 texture. Created by my own, feel free to use wherever you want!

Source Linolafett

fishnet 01 #2475
 Grid  CC 0

The image depicts a seamless pattern of a fishnet with a plenty of fish.It may be a lucky charm for fishermen.

Source Yamachem

Cover Green #1283
 Dark  CC 0

Zero CC tileable hard cover green book, scanned and made by me. CC0

Source Sojan Janso

Background pattern 24 #198
 Dark  CC 0

The starting point for this was a texture drawn with the 'Radial Colors' plug-in in

Source Firkin

Spotty Pattern #1229
 Red  CC BY-SA 3.0

Spotty background pattern.

Source V. Hartikainen

Mugs pattern #2479
 Colorful  CC 0

A seamless pattern formed from miutopia mug remixes on a tablecloth.

Source Firkin

Decorative divider 250 #2070
 Dark  CC 0

Remixed from a drawing in 'Очерки Русской Исторіи въ памятникахъ быта', Petr Polevoi, 1879.

Source Firkin

Prismatic Polka Dots Mark II 2 No [email protected] #533
 Noise  CC 0

Prismatic Polka Dots Mark II 2 No Background

Source GDJ

Tessellation 14 variant 1 #2530
 Grid  CC 0

A seamless pattern formed from a modified version of rwwgub's tile. To get the tile, select the rectangle in Inkscape and use shift+alt+i.

Source Firkin

Green Striped Background #899
 Stripes  CC BY-SA 3.0

If you need a green background for your blog/website, try this one. Remember that Green Striped Background is seamlessly tileable.

Source V. Hartikainen

Background pattern 252 (colour 2) #2156
 Brown  CC 0

Recreated from a pattern found in 'Az Osztrák-Magyar Monarchia irásban és képben', 1882. To get the tile this is based on select the rectangle in Inkscape and use shift+alt+i.

Source Firkin

Wall #4 [email protected] #780
 Wall  CC BY-SA 3.0

I’m starting to think I have a concrete wall fetish.

Source Atle Mo

Beige Paper #83
 Paper  CC BY-SA 3.0

This was submitted in a beige color, hence the name. Now it’s a gray paper pattern.

Source Konstantin Ivanov

Green Web Background, Seamless tile #1332
 Green  CC BY-SA 3.0

Green Web Background, Seamless tile.

Source V. Hartikainen

Small Steps #1312
 Light  CC BY-SA 3.0

This ons is quite old school looking. Retro, even. I like it.

Source Arno Declercq

Purty [email protected] #678
 Wood  CC BY-SA 3.0

You know you love wood patterns, so here’s one more.

Source Richard Tabor

Shapes pattern #2409
 Brown  CC 0

A seamless pattern formed from a square tile. The tile can be retrieved by selecting the rectangle in Inkscape and using shift-alt-i.

Source Firkin

Floral background 6 #2226
 Colorful  CC 0

A seamless floral pattern.

Source Firkin

Teal Circle Pattern Scrapbook Paper #144
 Noise  CC BY-SA 3.0

Used the 6th circle pattern designed by Viscious-Speed to create a print that can be used for card making or scrapbooking. Save as a PDF file for the best printing option.

Source Lovinglf

Confectionary #1342
 Light  CC BY-SA 3.0

This could be a hippy vintage wallpaper.

Source Tileable Patterns

Noisy Grid #959
 Gray  CC BY-SA 3.0

This is a grid, only it’s noisy. You know. Reminds you of those printed grids you draw on.

Source Vectorpile

Retro Circles Background [email protected] #421
 Dark  CC 0

Retro Circles Background 4

Source GDJ

White [email protected] #20
 Light  CC BY-SA 3.0

Same as gray sand but lighter. A sandy pattern with small light dots, and some angled strokes.

Source Atle Mo

Decorative divider 239 #2087
 Dark  CC 0

From a drawing in 'Sun Pictures of the Norfolk Broads', Ernest Suffling, 1892.

Source Firkin

Floral background 2 #380
 Wall  CC 0

Background formed from the original with an emboss effect

Source GDJ

Wavy background #2014
 Blue  CC 0

A seamless pattern from a tile drawn in and vectorised in Vector Magic

Source Firkin

Stone Wall & Yellow #1569
 Stone  CC 0

Incoming catena. Stone & well. CC0 texture.

Source Unknow