Prismatic Groovy Concentric Background 3 No Black #459
 Noise  CC 0

Prismatic Groovy Concentric Background 3 No Black

Source GDJ

 More Textures
Textured [email protected] #868
 Stripes  CC BY-SA 3.0

A lovely light gray pattern with stripes and a dash of noise.

Source V. Hartikainen

"Maple", Seamless Wood Texture #883
 Wood  CC BY-SA 3.0

Here I have tried to create something that would look like maple wood. Not sure how well it's turned out, but at least it looks like wood.

Source V. Hartikainen

Background pattern 2 #221
 Noise  CC 0

A pattern derived from repeating unit cells each derived from part of a fractal rendering in

Source Firkin

Ground Cracked 2 #1280
 Wall  CC 0

Zero CC tileable ground (#2) cracked, crackled texture, made by me. CC0

Source Sojan Janso

Background pattern 220 #2360
 Dark  CC 0

A seamless pattern formed from a tile that can be had in Inkscape by selecting the rectangle and using shift+alt+i. Derived from a design in 'Storia del Palazzo Vecchio in Firenze', Aurelio Gotti, 1889.

Source Firkin

Confectionary #1342
 Light  CC BY-SA 3.0

This could be a hippy vintage wallpaper.

Source Tileable Patterns

[email protected] #826
 Light  CC BY-SA 3.0

Bit of a strange name on this one, but still nice. Tiny gray square things.

Source Carlos Valdez

Translucent Fibres #943
 Light  CC BY-SA 3.0

The file was named striped lens, but hey – Translucent Fibres works too.

Source Angelica

Rough [email protected] #692
 Fabric  CC BY-SA 3.0

The classic 45-degree diagonal line pattern, done right.

Source Jorick van Hees

Prismatic Dots Background [email protected] #506
 Noise  CC 0

Prismatic Dots Background 3

Source GDJ

Ice Age #637
 Paper  CC BY-SA 3.0

I asked Gjermund if he could make a pattern for us – result!

Source Gjermund Gustavsen

Concretia 6 #1413
 Gray  CC 0

Gamedev - Concrete Textures. CC0 License.

Source Davit Masia

Prismatic Rounded Squares Grid 4 No [email protected] #492
 Noise  CC 0

Prismatic Rounded Squares Grid 4 No Background

Source GDJ

Gold Triangular Seamless Pattern No Background #272
 Light  CC 0

Gold Triangular Seamless Pattern No Background

Source GDJ

Grunge For Surfaces 9 #1406
 Dark  CC 0

Gamedev - Metal Textures. CC0 License.

Source Davit Masia

Pattern & Plywood #1349
 Wood  CC 0

CC0 for Free, hope you like it.

Source Yethiel

"Green Stone", Seamless Web Texture #1050
 Stone  CC BY-SA 3.0

A seamless web texture of "green stone".

Source V. Hartikainen

Background Patterns - Bronze #246
 Fabric  CC 0

If you want png files of this u can download them here :

Source Viscious-Speed

Background pattern 229 #2305
 Colorful  CC 0

To get the tile this is based on, select the rectangle in Inkscape and use shift-alt-i.

Source Firkin

Light [email protected] #305
 Wall  CC BY-SA 3.0

Used correctly, this could be nice. Used in a bad way, all hell will break loose.

Source Atle Mo

Background pattern 245 (colour 3) #2190
 Blue  CC 0

This was formed by distorting an image of a background on Pixabay.

Source Firkin

Corrosive Dark #1660
 Metal  CC 0

Metal-Rusty. CC0 License.

Source Unknow

White Wave #681
 Stripes  CC BY-SA 3.0

Light and tiny, just the way you like it.

Source Rohit Arun Rao

Robots #125
 Dark  CC BY-SA 3.0

And some more testing, this time with Seamless Studio. It’s Robots FFS!

Source Seamless Studio

Block Well #1698
 Colorful  CC 0

Background Wall, Art Abstract, Block Well & CC0 texture.

Source Ractapopulous

Background pattern 259 (colour 6) #2097
 Blue  CC 0

Remixed from a design seen on Pixabay. The basic tile can be had by selecting the rectangle in Inkscape and using shift+alt+i

Source Firkin

Cross frame #1718
 Dark  CC 0

Derived from an image that was uploaded to Pixabay by starchim01

Source Firkin